Design Center

The house interior design of your house really matters – the guests want updated interiors and beautiful decor.

Design for more revenue

Our industry experience has shown that even the smallest upgrade to a vacation home brings in the most money for the owner.

From big reforms to small updates, it is clear that the guests love to stay in modern and happy homes. That is why we created the design center. Our high qualified interior designers assist you to choose the house style, full of decor and the right furniture. Get to know how Casiola raised the listings up to 54% with just a few simple design changes.

See some important factors which have influenced the revenue from your house.                                                         


This is the most important one.

Thematic bedrooms, updated decor, and private pool.


Wonderful and well structured condominium


Market knowledge and smart prices management


How many times the owner uses the property, especially in high season.

Our occupation average is above 85%.

A proper rental vacation property, on average, gets about $10,000 in billing for a room.